Keystones Mental Health Support Services

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Groups and Activities

There are a wide range of services on offer as part of the placement at Keystones, including;


Swimming Group

This is run weekly with staff support on Wednesdays



Our own psychotherapist has one to one sessions available for service users living at Keystones houses and flats.


House Meetings

All residents and the staff representative attend weekly house meetings where issues, concerns and ideas regarding the house can be raised.


Art Therapy

For the creative minded a full art room resource is provided with a fully qualified art therapist with MA. Art. All materials are supplied.


Photo Therapy

This relatively new therapy is available one-to-one from a staff member specially trained in photography and psychotherapy.


Relaxation Group

This group is run every Tuesday and incorporates various relaxation methods, including body scans, breathing techniques and meditation.


Slimming World

This weekly group focuses gaining a healthier balanced diet rather than fast dieting.

Book Club

Book Club

This weekly group explores a variety of literature as an avenue for discussion on personal development or life challenges.


Watercolour Class

This weekly group run on Thursdays is taught by an experienced watercolour instructor


Working Together

Keystones maintain very strong links with the entire support team at all times and strive to work together on matters arising.


Walking Group

Various group walks in & around Bristol each Friday.

Drama Group

Drama Group

This fun and sociable group runs weekly with creative guidance and tuition from a staff member with qualifications in drama therapy.

Expressive Writing

Expressive writing and Art therapy

Creative writing takes place at Keystones every Wednesday with an experienced staff member and our in house psychotherapist.


Music group

Keystones have a number of instruments for service users to either learn to play or simply jam with. Run by an experienced musician and support worker.

Care Plan

Care Plan

Staff will specifically focus on the goals and areas agreed in the care plan. Service users will receive regular one to one care/support working on their personal goals identified in the care plan and ongoing internal reviews.



Help finding suitable courses or training is on offer.



For those who are ready to engage in some form of work support is provided in finding suitable vacancies/filling in forms etc

Key Workers

Key Worker Sessions

All service users will be given a keyworker who they feel comfortable working with. This staff member will offer consistent keyworker sessions during the week.

Therapeutic Sessions

Therapeutic Sessions

Staff will invite service users to become involved in a number of therapeutic activities and offer emotional support where needed.



Full support and assistance in maintaining the maximum benefit entitlement is available. Staff can assist and monitor all benefit claims.



Support and assistance is offered with budgeting for those who require help in this area. Budgeting forms, saving schemes, shopping trips etc are offered for those who wish to develop their budgeting skills.


Trips & Holidays

Social and educational trips throughout Bristol and the UK are run by staff every week for those who wish to explore and get out more. We have run a number of successful holidays in the U.K and abroad.


Domestic areas and Hygiene

Staff will offer support to anyone who requires it. Residents perform simple domestic tasks daily using a rota system which is explained, supported and monitored by staff.

Service User Involvement

Service user views, opinions and ideas are valuable and crucial for continuously improving the service we offer. There are many opportunities to air thoughts and feelings regarding the service.



We run a weekly nomad box system which works very well and allows staff to monitor meds weekly where required.  However for those who need more assistance with meds staff can observe service users taking their meds daily.


Daily Monitoring of Mental Health

Staff are here to look after general mental health and monitor any changes daily. Early intervention is operated.


Doctor/Care Coordinator/CPA meetings

Staff will support or represent service users during meetings and put forward feedback, progress and any other thoughts or concerns where requested.