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Staff offer regular support and care both one-to-one and as part of a small group.

We only employ the most skilled, qualified and experienced support staff, from a broad spectrum of competent backgrounds, particularly in psychology and psychotherapy.  Our popular resource room, private therapy room and art studio are utilised fully for therapy groups and one to one sessions, including art therapy, psychotherapy, photo therapy, music therapy and drama therapy.

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Michelle Naomi Hannah
Dave Paul James
Chris Kelly Martin
Kerrigan Bath Stephen
Anna Cassie Lizzie
Amber Louisa Simon
Esther Jacqueline Ruby
Zoe Joao Melanie
Priyanka Charlotte Frank



Naomi has over 30 years experience within the care sector, working directly with service users as a support worker and as a manager within Keystones and other mental health schemes. She previously acquired the role of Service Development Officer within the mental health field, working vigorously to successfully raise service standards. She also has 10 years experience working directly as a support worker, with those experiencing a variety of mental health conditions, drug addictions, even through to youth work. Her experience covers a very broad spectrum of client groups.


Managing Director

Michelle has a background in Psychology and been working specifically in the mental health field since the early 2000s, primarily in management but also as a support worker. Previous roles working as service development officer involved implementing significant policy and procedure changes in many areas, such as support planning, assessment, equality, safeguarding and service user involvement, significantly raising Quality Assessment standards. She is keen on improving the service for the wellbeing of service users and staff and raising standards.


Drama Therapist

Beth is a qualified drama therapist, who coordinates and runs the popular drama group and one-to-one drama therapy.  Beth organises regular productions and events at Keystones. She has over 11 years previous experience as a support worker, including direct mental health work in hospital settings.


Service Manager

Dave has taken on the role of Service Manager at Keystones, having been previously employed as a Mental Health Worker for a few years.  He has many years experience in the field of care, working as a healthcare assistant for 4 years and also a support worker in the community. Dave has specific knowledge working with individuals experiencing learning difficulties and aspergers.


Mental Health Worker

Kelly is one of our longest standing members of staff and plays the lead role in supporting residents who are struggling with their finances, by budget planning, problem solving and assisting them where required. She effectively key-works a number of residents, including those living in our move on flats, and is house rep for one of our supported houses. She has also regularly coordinated the popular resident holidays, both in the U.K and abroad.


IT and Finance Manager

Paul has worked at Keystones for a number of years, having previously worked as a Mental Health Recovery Worker and Therapist.  He facilitated the weekly Relaxation group and also provided one to one sessions.  Before moving into a more therapeutic role he worked within the I.T industry for a number of years.


Art Therapist

Kerrigan has extensive experience working within the mental health field as an Art Therapist, qualifying in 2003.  He previously trained as a designer and has also used photography in his work with clients.  At Keystones he works from his own art studio and photographic dark room, facilitating group and one to one therapy sessions in art, textiles and photography.


Mental Health Worker

Chris has previously worked as a overnight security support worker at Keystones. Chris used to offer one to one support during the evenings in all our shared houses but since the start of the Covid pandemic he has been redeployed as a daytime mental health worker.  


Managing Director

Hannah has a background in Psychology, and previously worked for Keystones as a Support Worker. Hannah has been working in the mental health field since 2006, in Early Intervention in Psychosis, LD and Child and Adolescent mental health teams. Hannah's range of experience with different service users has helped her develop a good understanding of the holistic approach each person needs, which she applies to developing our service and the care packages we provide.


Mental Health Worker

Martin has over 20 years experience within health care, most of these years are specifically working within mental health supported housing in Bristol, facilitating move-on and reviewing programs of support and relapse prevention.


Mental Health Worker

Stephen has over 30 years experience directly supporting service users with enduring mental health issues and housing needs. He has extensive experience key working individuals, working closely on the support plan, liasing


Mental Health Worker

Anna has worked for the Priory hospital for 5 years and in a hospital care setting with AWP for around 10 years. She has a depth of experience implementing programs of care, working in multi-disciplinary settings, with


Mental Health Worker

Cassie has previous experience working for supported living schemes, providing direct support and keyworking to vulnerable adults with learning difficulties or mental health support needs.


Assistant Service Manager

James has a wide range of experience in the care field, working in both community and inpatient settings. James is a qualified Occupational Therapist so has a different and valuable skillset to bring to our multidisciplinary team.


Mental Health Worker

Kelly has 15 years previous experience working for AWP, 6 of these were in the role of Recovery Coordinator. She has in depth experience working intensively with individuals who may be in distress or crisis within their own home or community placements. Prior to this she worked as a Occupational Therapist Instructor within a rehab setting.


Mental Health Worker

Lizzie joined our team in 2019 and is house rep for one of the supported houses. She has been working in care for over 15 years. She has experience in mental health, complex needs and learning difficulties which involved both directly supporting individuals as well as managing services as a Registered Manager. Her roles have been varied and included being Activities coordinator, Team Leader and Support Worker. Lizzie has a wealth of experience and part of this included setting up and maintaining a learning group which used transactional analysis to develop self awareness and improve communication with others.


Mental Health Worker

Amber has varied experience working with people with complex mental health needs. She has worked as an assistant recovery navigator, a young person’s volunteer and a mental health befriender. Amber is passionate about advocating for the most vulnerable members of society and is interested in Forensic and Counselling Psychology. Amber is currently training as a Counselling Psychologist. 


Mental Health Worker

Louisa has extensive experience as a mental health support worker, primarily in residential settings. She has also worked in dementia care supporting residents with complex needs. Louisa has used the recovery model to support service users over the years. Louisa enjoys using her counselling skills and building good rapport with service users and is keen to learn more about Cognitive Behaviour Therapy techniques. Louisa’s further interests include photography and raising money for charity. 


Mental Health Worker

Catherine has a lot of mental health worker experience, having previously worked in a broad variety of settings.  Previous roles included being a Harm Reduction Worker, Mental Health Recovery Worker as well as organising volunteers and running workshops in the care sector as a Volunteer Officer.  Her experience is diverse being based largely in the UK and previously New Zealand.  These roles have allowed her to meet people experiencing mental health issues from all walks of life and work alongside multidisciplinary teams.  Catherine also has a keen interest in social justice, and has a broad skill set of working with marginalised people.


Mental Health Worker

Simon has experience working as a Mentor for Second Step, supporting individuals with complex mental health needs with their day to day living as well as those on the homeless pathway.  Simon has also previously worked as a fitness instructor and GP referral instructor for 14 years, delivering exercise programs to improve active daily living and quality of life.  Simon is passionate about promoting activity as part of a recovery plan and as a tool for self care.  In addition to this he is personally interested in mindfulness and meditation practice.


Mental Health Worker

Esther has previously worked for the Priory as a support worker.  She has experience in direct care as a keyworker, which involved monitoring medication, supporting daily living skills, updating and reviewing care plans and assisting service users in the community.  Esther also previously acted as a ‘My Voice’ representative for staff members. Esther has a personal interest in uncovering integrated prejudice and bias towards vulnerable individuals in the community, particularly around Hate Crime and practices of fair and equal opportunities.  Esther is also a lover of the outdoors, has an interest in aviation studies and is a keen traveller.


Office Administrator

Jacqueline has long and diverse experience of administrative work. Her previous roles include working as a Senior Administrator and Membership Secretary in various organisations as well as Receptionist and Volunteer Support. As part of her duties, Jacqueline has maintained Excel databases, supported the processing of finances and housing matters (setting up and ending of tenancies), helped organise events and prepare exhibitions, Front of House, produced data reports and has been involved in general office management support for years. Jacqueline enjoys problem-solving and immersing herself in arts and crafts. She has built her very own wood-shaving horse and yurt!


Office Administrator

Ruby joined Keystones as an Office Administrator in April 2022. She has significant experience in hospitality and in previous roles she enjoyed being a Front of House Manager and taking the lead in event organisation and marketing coordination. Ruby has also played an active role in turning a local pub into a popular and community-driven space and has experience of dealing with rotas and accounts. Ruby is passionate about writing and is keen to write for theatre and TV as well as radio and podcasts. Ruby also loves singing and making miniature models.


Mental Health Worker

 Zoe joined Keystones in June 2022. In the past, she worked as a Customer Service Advisor/Student welfare lead and has been volunteering for Bristol Mind since July 2020. Zoe loves the arts and tends to spend her free time painting, sculpting, and making music. She also has a keen interest in bouldering, cycling, yoga and alternative therapies.


Mental Health Worker

Joao joined Keystones in July 2022. He has recent experience of working with people with mental health needs and learning difficulties, promoting independence and providing emotional support. He also has experience of managing a restaurant kitchen and leading a small team. Joao’s interests lie in music production, international travel and sports. He has been involved in music projects for over 10 years and enjoys running his own music studio. Joao is also very active and enjoys playing football and going on long hikes.


Mental Health Worker

Mel has previously worked for the NHS in London under a the community mental health team, having made the conscious decision to change her career and follow her passion for mental health. Her role there involved conducting assessments with service users, assisting Community Psychiatric Nurses and attending support groups as well as visiting service users in their own homes. Mel is currently studying to become a counsellor and is interested in trauma informed approaches to mental ill health. She has explored into the principles of the Cycle Of Change Model for addiction at length and is also interested in the mental health struggles that minority groups have to navigate and the contributing factors.


Mental Health Worker

Julia has a lot of mental health experience, having previously worked in a broad variety of settings, as a support worker, volunteer and manager.  Previous roles included several high needs providers in Bristol, working with complex needs, homelessness and drug and alcohol use groups.  This was both in supported housing and hostel services.  Julia has also worked for several years as National Services Director for the Big Issue.  She is very familiar with working to action plans, with agreed outcomes under the keywork system. 



 Priyanka qualified in person-centred counselling and psychotherapy in 2022. Since this time Priyanka has worked in rehabilitation for individuals with acquired and traumatic brain injury. Priyanka has experience of working online with clients who have experienced significant trauma and for a helpline working with people in active distress. Priyanka provides face to face 1:1 therapy sessions tailored to the individuals need.


Finance and Housing Assistant



Keystones Maintenance


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